About us

At Fusion Gymnastics, we aim to inspire children of all abilities to learn the sport of gymnastics. We provide expert coaching knowledge on building the core fundamentals of gymnastics with our classes enriched with badge reward programs and friendly competitions.


Fusion began with me, Minesh,  a young gymnast at a small gymnastics club where the start of my passion and love for the sport blossomed. I progressed to elite level competing at the many national and international competitions. With over 20+ years of experience, I wanted to give back to the sport that taught me so much. From teaching in local schools, working with the council giving assemblies promoting the benefits of sport and health, to teaching in various clubs and companies at recreational to an elite level, I still felt I needed to do more. Along the way picking up awards for my contribution and commitment to the sport.
The best way I thought I could spread the sport of gymnastics was to set up a club and bring the same fun, exciting and energetic environment I started in, thus Fusion Gymnastics was created. Clubs were set up in schools with specialized gymnastics equipment, teamed with like-minded coaches with the same values and aspirations as I, all to help give more children the opportunity to take part in the amazing sport that is gymnastics. The journey has lead to many amazing and fun times for everyone involved with Fusion Gymnastics Club with many more to follow and I hope that you can join us too on our gymnastics journey.


Gymnastics can be the catalyst in unlocking a child's potential for confidence and growth and this is at the heart of what we strive to do. From developing their physical abilities, becoming strong & fit, to inspiring children to believe in themselves and to building new friendships. Fusion wants to give more children the opportunity to participate in gymnastics. We believe healthy children are happy children


Determination, respect, self-esteem, teamwork... Through nurturing and encouragement, we hope to promote and instil the values that gymnastics teaches. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality gymnastics classes and customer service in a  supportive club environment allowing the young people we teach to reach their full potential and experience personal achievement.

Our Coaches & Achivements

Our qualified coaches are extremely experienced in their field of general, artistic and acrobatic gymnastics. Teaching at all different levels from the little tumble tots in nursery to adults who want to try an exciting form of exercise.
We have received numerous awards by our coaches, the Jermery Jeliknak award given by Kingston council which recognises the contribution young athletes make within their own communities. Our coaches are still participating in competitive gymnastics and still find time to help with local school events to spread their knowledge and expertise to the younger generation.
South East Regional awards receiving the merit coach awards for inspirational work and credit towards the club and region, this being participation of coaches in the South East and GB squads.
Fusion has also been partnered with Tolworth Gymnastics Club and the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames for a unique Talent Search scheme, it required our coaches going into school in Kingston and teaching children about gymnastics and benefits of sport along with scouting for potential talent in future gymnasts